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Proven dental laboratory management software

Who is Agapia for?

Agapia is a new application solution specially designed for dental laboratories to help them stay organized and become even more efficient. The Agapia technology was created to support the management of laboratory production processes and to optimize customer service in particular by offering online management and following.

With its proven reliability, Agapia comes highly recommended by the businesses that use it daily. Agapia helps Canadian and international laboratories take the next step toward innovation and performance, no matter their size.

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Your business is unique … and your needs too?

Maybe you do things differently, or maybe you’d like to preserve your existing assets. Agapia is designed to be flexible and customizable. The application can be adjusted to different laboratory methods of operation.

We know that extra features might be needed in your particular situation. That’s why Agapia can be customized to your needs.

Are you wondering if Agapia is a good fit for your lab? We bet it is. Contact us to discover all the possibilities!


What would you say to a powerful tool that can manage each and every one of your cases? From the moment the prescription arrives to the delivery, Agapia helps you plan each production stage. With real-time monitoring , the application keeps you in control of your operations at all times!

And, since we love to develop complete, smart, and, especially, practical solutions, Agapia includes an invoicing and reporting module to make your dental laboratory even more efficient.

Customer record management

Your client files are your most important assets. Agapia will help you keep meticulous records.

  • Secure filing;
  • Effective management;
  • Access to all records in a single location;
  • Open a client file to access case list, recent activity, purchases, and much more.

Case management

Agapia provides all the production information you need to make efficient and informed decisions.

  • Define the tasks to complete;
  • Plan the production stages either automatically or manually;
  • Monitor ongoing and upcoming tasks;
  • Follow case progress in real time.


Avoid unpleasant surprises for you and your clients! With Agapia, you stay in control of your operations, from start to finish.

  • Make timely and precise plans based on your current and expected capacities;
  • Streamline your production;
  • Deliver on time, as promised.


Take notes, keep track of your cases and stop constantly searching for the information you need.

  • Monitor ongoing cases in the lab with the tracking feature;
  • Check your case history log;
  • Track who is doing what and when.


In just a few clicks, create and manage client invoices and payments.

  • Automatically produce and send electronic invoices according to case information;
  • Manage your account statements;
  • Keep track of receivables;
  • Reconcile payments.

Customer portal

Time is money, for you as much as for your customers. Stand out by offering powerful online tools that provide important information without interrupting your teams.

  • Provide access to invoices and account statements;
  • Allow access to case history logs;
  • Use a fully secure website;
  • Benefit from a fully responsive platform.


Observe, analyze and make appropriate decisions thanks to detailed reports tailored to your business.

  • Create and configure reports;
  • Benefit from advanced reporting features and tools (groups, sorting, filters);
  • Add data summaries;
  • Export documents to PDF or Excel format;
  • Produce comparative reports spanning different periods.


We take great pride in our configurable application that adapts to your needs and to your growth.

  • Customize Agapia to your lab;
  • Manage your products and prices;
  • Manage your production stages;
  • Configure your laboratory’s production capacity.

And more!

  • Supports complete management of customers and contacts;
  • Manage users and authorizations;
  • Follow-up on sales representatives and commissions;
  • Form case estimates;
  • Advanced search tools;
  • Bilingual version — English and French;
  • Mises à jour faciles et automatiques.

We are proud to have designed an application with so many features. Both complete and flexible, it meets the needs of a wide range of laboratories. However, we also know that extra features might be needed in your particular situation. Remember that Agapia is customizable. Contact us to find out how!

You make projects happen.
We help you on the way to success.

- Seika Logiciel -

Our team

Welcome into the world of Agapia. Welcome to Seika Logiciel!


We are devoted, creative and we love a good challenge. We work closely with our clients to develop applications in line with their business reality to help them solve day-to-day problems.

Sure, we create applications, but what we really do is provide concrete solutions. With our high quality standards, we are committed to complete customer satisfaction.

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By choosing Agapia, you are getting constant ongoing support. A professional is on hand to assist in analyzing your needs, to answer your questions and to guide your implementation strategy.

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